The Itinerant Foodie

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What is this site?

Itinerant Foodie is a travel blog focusing on food, and travel primarily. But have a secondary focus on apps and technology, as they play a big focus in todays world.

This site was started because instead of creating reviews on a platform where I don’t own (yelp/foursquare/google), I create reviews here and syndicate them appropriately (sharing is caring). Rather than just focus on platforms where I may or may not be able to control the data in the future..

However this site started to shift a bit more onto content and less on technology, by now going 100% static using a cool tool called jekyll. Now it will run without a database for posts. No bullshit just content.

Who are you?

I am an Freelance Technology consultant by trade. I specialize in UX design, and full stack development. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years.

I also do a little bit of algorithmic fx/commodity trading - mostly arbitrage, but slowly learning how to do leveraged trading.

I’ve lived on almost every continent of the world (except for the Middle-east, Africa, and South America) and adventurous to try out various regional cuisines - therefore a travel and food blog suits me as a platform for sharing. Also it serves as an outlet to practice writing and photography (which I also enjoy doing).

I’ve got a business, do you do sponsored reviews?

Sure why not. However, they will be unbiased, and the writeup may not happen if the review isn’t up to a high standard.

Feel free to reach out with the social links below or hello (at)

Do you do any consulting for marketing or technology enablement?

Yes! in fact that’s what I do.

Feel free to reach out with the social links below or hello (at)