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Betsy Beer Review!

26 March 2017
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Betsy Beer

In case you haven’t heard, Cathay Pacific and the Hong Kong Brew Company has launched a new craft beer called “Betsy Beer” (just in time for the 7s!).

Betsy Beer and drink

The beer is named after the first Cathay plane (that you can find in the Hong Kong Science Museum and also a replica in front of the Cathay City office)

The beer uses ingredients from Hong Kong and London, and brewed in a way that it tastes good both on the ground (confirmed) and in the air.

Coaster and drink

Where to get

The beer is available on business and first class flights between London and Heathrow, and all Airport lounges in both Hong Kong and Heathrow.

The best part about the lounges, is that you can actually take away the beer from the lounge and then drink it on the plane if you aren’t going to London - after all it’s supposed to taste better in the air.

Just make sure you aren’t flying to United States or Australia as you can’t take liquids on board.

Can you get it if you aren’t flying?

Yes you can. You can find the beer stocked in a few bars around Quarry Bay that is owned by Cathay Pacific’s parent company. Search the untappd app for venues where people have posted it

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