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Cathay Pacific: The Pier Business Lounge (2016 Edition)

5 September 2016
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Entrance 1


  • The Teahouse 茗茶坊
  • Studio Ilse Interior designs are amazing

Pluses for the lounge

  • There’s something for everyone here (Work / Relax / Drink / Eat)
  • Super fast internet (yes even faster than the Bridge)
  • Best spot for a long layover

Minuses for the lounge

  • It’s on the far end of the terminal. Beware if your gate is in the 500 range (allow at least 25 mins to get to your gate).
  • You’ll wish you had longer to spend here.

Entrance 1 Entrance 2

What a difference a year makes. Here’s a picture I found from last year of the old Pier (which had First and Business class combined).

Throwback to last year Throwback to last year 2

A year ago, this lounge was looking a bit worn and less travelled, but thanks to the designer - Studio Ilse, this lounge is definetly a home away from home.

This lounge is one of the best business lounges I’ve been in, It’s a worthy contender to the the first lounge (save for a few different items on the menu, the foot massage and private suite). But this lounge also has some stuff worth checking out too.

The Bureau and Buffet area

The first section you enter, is either the bureau or the buffet dining section. There is also electronic lockers to stash your bags. If you plan on going to every section, you probably should stash stuff that you don’t need. Inside the locker there is also a hanger to hang a jacket.

The Bureau
Looking into the Bureau

The Bureau is the work area where there is iMacs and printers provided (although I usually have my own nowadays because I work whenever/wherever).

First Dining Area
The counter area for the dining area

The buffet dining section has a coffee cart, and a buffet which is staffed (just tell the staff what you would like, or ask for recommendations). The buffet changes depending on the time of day, I’ve so far only had breakfast or lunch in the pier

The Bar and Lounge Area

Part of the bar area

The next section over is the Bar/Lounge area which has two very large sections. It’s a full stocked and free pour bar (borderline alcoholics, means when you cross a border - drink up!). The bar has also some signature non-alcoholic drinks. My personal all time favorite is the cathay delight. But at this bar, I like the ginger forest and Orange Dream drink too. For those who want a taste of Hong Kong, I also recommend the Hong Kong Milk tea which is only available in Hong Kong lounges - although if you’re flying business class you can actually request it on the flight too.

Champagne.. it's like a ritual Cathay Delight and Orange Dream

The Noodle Bar

The next section is the made to order dining area. Which in Hong Kong, it’s known as the Noodle Bar. Just like the Wing, but it shares the studio Ilse interior design just like the Taipei, Bangkok, and Manila lounge.

Signature noodles and Pork bun
Dan Dan Noodles and BBQ Pork Bun (also available at the Wing)

The Teahouse 茗茶坊

The Teahouse 茗茶坊

The next section over (yes this is huge), is a Hong Kong exclusive. It’s basically a tea and dessert house. This is one of my favorite parts because it’s something new and different.

The key selling point is obviously the tea which is made to order.

Tea selection

But also fresh juices, and desserts are available. The desserts are swapped out regularly (I’ve counted at least 5 variations in the 3 visits I’ve made). The tea is made to order, so you have to wait a few minutes for it.

The Teahouse Juice

The different desserts at the teahouse (茗茶坊)

Desserts 1 Desserts 2

Desserts 3 Desserts 4

Desserts 5

Shower Suites

Shower Suites Check in Shower Suites Waiting area

Towards the end after the tea house, theres the shower suite area. Even the waiting area is quite well done. I guess Hong Kong is the home city for Cathay and they need to put on a show (and the new Marco Polo changes which means they should have some more revenue)

The shower suites actually surprised me alot. Was quite spacious, and they used Aesop toiletries (the same as what they use in the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney Airport) instead of the Jurilique ones.

Wash Basin

Shower Shower

Relaxation Room

Last but not least theres the relaxation room which feature napping couches which is really comfortable, but also full beds for those on extended layovers

Relaxation Room Relaxation Room

Where can I find this?

Last but not least, you might be wondering where you can find this? For business class, near Gate 66 (this is the lounge I’m writing up on). For first class, near Gate 62.

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