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Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific The Deck

17 July 2018
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The Deck - Entrance 1 The Deck - Entrance 2

The Deck - Entrance from inside

I love Hong Kong Airport, theres an abundance of lounges you can go to if you’re flying Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon (but also available to you if you are a partner airline or alliance airline - I think Qatar gets access to the lounges too).

Shelf near entrance As you walk into the lounge

The lounge opened on March 22nd 2018, however due to being “lost in paradise” I was not able to check it out. It’s definitely been around since I’ve reviewed a lounge.

But as of lately I have been. The lounge replaces the very dated G16 lounge which was a legacy of the Dragon Air days (now known as Cathay Dragon).

While it’s no “The Pier” lounge, It’s still a handy lounge to go to if you are using the gates 15 - 19, or gates 1 - 4, however using gates 1 - 4 also has access to the Wing.

But if you’re a business class passenger or silver/gold Marco Polo member - you should consider this lounge too over the Wing.

Below are the options you are presented as you enter the lounge.

As You come in

Studio Ilse Signature furnishings

Anyway spoiler alert the lounge has the same “Studio Ilse” finishes as the newer lounges do and also have the same features. Including the hidden power outlets in the furniture.

Studio Ilse Furnishings 1 Studio Ilse furnishings 2

Studio Ilse furnishings 3 Studio Ilse Furnishings 4

Studio Ilse signature furnishings 5

The best parts of the lounge is the terrace where it blends tactfully into the other parts. From this terrace you can also view your gate, especially Gate 19 from the noodle bar dining area.

Lounge Area - Terrace Dining Area - Terrace


Yes - the lounge also has the famous Noodle Bar where you can have the famous Dan Dan Noodles, or Won Ton Noodles, or a vegetarian option. With some Dim Sum.

The self service buffet with hot food and salads is also very tasteful too (including a selection of cheeses).

And something new in this lounge is the self service champagne bar. So you’d better get those pouring skills polished!

Get to Work

For those who need to catch up on some work, the lounge also feature the new Solo Chairs (which have power inbuilt).

Solo chairs - designed for Cathay Pacific

Oh, and the wifi is also great too (with the lounge at 30% capacity). About 30 Mbps up and down when I did a speedtest, with a 5 ms ping.

Freshen up before your flight

Shower suites which are similar to The Bridge, and the Pier - and other Studio Ilse lounges. Features a rainforest style shower and a directed shower head.

Creams by Aesop 1 Creams by Aesop 2

Freshen up before leaving

For other partner airlines, its probably worth coming here too. Don’t expect boarding announcements but in HK airport you don’t need it. Just use the MyFlights app which tells you if your flight is delayed.


If my gate is in the higher range (other than the 500s) - I’d still opt for hanging out at the Bridge or Pier though. But if it’s a first time, still worth checking it out.

It’s also a great waiting point lounge too, so I’d spend the majority of time in the Bridge or Pier and then head over to this lounge.

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