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Lounge Review: Singapore Terminal 4 Cathay Pacific

7 November 2018
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Lounge Entrance 1 Lounge Entrance 2

This year I’ve toned back on the travel and blog posts lately as I’ve been focusing on some cool projects.

Airports are usually stressful, but Singapore T4 makes it a very pleasant experience even for the no status person.

Anyway lately on the travel radar I saw myself in the lion city (or better known as Singapore) due to my scuba diving addiction and also a race against time to head to Bali before the rainy season when its horrible to scuba diving.

Anyway this lounge seems pretty standard for most regional lounges, but is also very much in-line with the new strategy of “streamlining costs” or better known as cost cutting. But it still has the taste of what you would expect in the lounges.

Welcome to the lounge

First of all there is no bartender service. All drinks (including champagne) is DIY and of course free pour.

Self service bar DIY Pour Moet

Noodle bar

Noodle bar Entrance Noodle Bar

First things first. My usual routine in a lounge is to grab a meal.

The lounge noodle bar offers a lot of good food options in all Singapore style. Great place to get a Singapore belly or food coma.

Lounge menu Waiting

Your choices are:

  • Won Ton Noodles. This is the only thing that is similar to Hong Kong. It’s also very Malaysian/Singaporean style dish being most of the locals in South East Asia come from South China at some point.
  • Mee Siam (Malaysian prawn noodles - Northern Malaysia Influenced, but maybe has some Thai influence in it too being Malaysia shares a border and also people with similar ethnicity on both sides)
  • Hainan Chicken Rice. Very Singapore dish seeing there are ancestral roots/traditions from China. There is many regional variations of this in South East Asia.
  • Vegetable Noodles. The vegetarian option.

Some dim sum options also available.

  • Chicken Bao
  • Siu Mai
  • Vegetable dumpling (the veggie option)

Seafood Laksa Mee Siam

I only tried 2 of the menu - the mee siam and the seafood laksa. I think I loved the mee siam which is also my favorite Malaysian/Singaporean dish.

Would have loved to try the hainanese chicken rice but the food coma got to me, and also there is plenty of local dessert options which I also indulged on.

But I hope to get a chance to come here again because I <3 Singapore food.

Like all other cathay pacific lounges, the noodle bar features a solo counter area or seating area.

Noodle Bar 2


Desserts 1 Desserts 2

The desserts area has a selection of local and western desserts. Highly recommended that you check it out.

Self Service Buffet Area

Self Service

The noodle bar isn’t always open (usually very early mornings, or very late at night), so thats where the self service buffet comes in handy.

Theres a selection of both asian and western food - as well as a salad bar.

Also Coffee / Tea can be made here. The tea is from JING which is also found in Hong Kong. If you manage to make youself to Hong Kong, go do yourself a favor and visit the Pier. It’s actually quite a hit nowadays though, so if you want piece and quiet go to the deck instead.

Dining Area

In the self service buffet area there is also room for dining. Some for socializing if you must or some individual stations where you can plug in your device for either catching up with work or social media.

Dining Area

Lounge / Terrace Area

Lounge Area 1 Lounge Area 2

The Terrace area reminds me a little of the deck in Hong Kong, where it overlooks some of the airport and also some of the gates (with luck maybe even yours).

But instead of a separate terrace, it kind of tastefully blends in with the lounge. I guess there were space constraints that the architect had to keep in mind.

Lounge Area 3 Lounge Area 4

Furnishings and decor is by London based Studio Ilse, and tailored for Cathay Pacific.

Particularly the power ports and USB charging ports which are hidden in the design.

And last but not least, a collection of Solo chairs which is a super comfortable workstation to work on. Designed for the tablet style computers.

Plenty of space

Overlooking the airport below

Look at the airport below 1 Look at the airport below 2

The Bureau

The Bureau 1 The Bureau 2

The Bureau is a small area where you can print documents. I’ve only used this area once or twice. Useful for getting printouts for stuff if you need it at one of your destinations.


Cathay Moments

I’ve also been messing around with the Cathay Moments app from the lounge. I love some of the quotes. Great for adding to your instagram I guess.

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