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New platform, New look

31 August 2016
news announcement

After a temporary hiatus in 2016 and lots of photos. See here(1) and here(2) - we’re finally back with a new look and back to basics as an MVP.

Here are some of the features:

  • Static hosted site (No databases!), with some dynamic components such as the “Last seen” widget that I’ve added to many of my blogs. I plan to bring back the wiki soon too, and going serverless too. Refer to my tech blog if for posts on going serverless.
  • Full SSL support (because 2016, and all)
  • Same commenting system as before, because we are using disqus)
  • Ability to write posts in markdown thanks to jekyllrb.


  • Bring back the food and place wiki (go full serverless with static reactjs HTML page driving it, and eventually maybe react native app)
  • Tweak last seen to show restaurant name if the last seen place is a restaurant (with privacy fuzzy filter of course)
  • Instagram (maybe VSCO) widget

Post content

I’m pretty much keeping the same theme to this site:

  • good food
  • travel (destinations, airlines, lounges)
  • Tips (insurance, banking, visas, finding coworking spaces or good cafes etc) on how to be a digital nomad or be a “9-5 cube refugee” (2016 and all - it’s the future of work)
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